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V4.6 beta testers wanted

Last post 12-30-2013, 4:49 PM by Lettronics. 3 replies.
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  •  05-01-2013, 9:01 PM 1589

    V4.6 beta testers wanted

    As per title really.

    There have been significant database changes from V4.0.  We've been running this at a dual site retaiil outlet for approx 2 years without any major issues, but this is with a SQL Server backend, not a JET one.

    Thus we are looking for an existing user to test the JET version. Obviously, there is an increased risk of failure in running this version, and it is not possible to revert from V4.6 back to V4.0

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  •  07-10-2013, 7:24 PM 1602 in reply to 1589

    Re: V4.6 beta testers wanted


    Are you still looking for beta testers for v4.6?

    We are only a small outlet, but I am happy to install and test, providing feedback as appropriate.

    With you saying that reversion back to v4.0 is not possible, should the worst happen can I run a complete uninstall and re-install v4.0 from  a backup?

    Looking forward to you reply.



    Grantham Scout Shop
  •  07-11-2013, 8:44 PM 1603 in reply to 1602

    Re: V4.6 beta testers wanted

    Yes, still looking.  We have a couple of shops that have been using the SQL Server version of v4.5 for a fair while. What we don't really have is anyone using the v4.5 (or v4.6 as its going to become) on Access/Jet.

    It is not possible to revert a v4.5 (or v4.6) database back to v4.0 - so you would have to backup you existing 4.0, test 4.5 as thouroughly as possible, and if you need to go back to v4.0, uninstall v4.5, reinstall v4.0, and restore your original v4.0 database.  And changes made whilst using v4.5 would be lost if you had to restore back to v4.0

    Hope that makes sense

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  •  12-30-2013, 4:49 PM 1642 in reply to 1589

    Re: V4.6 beta testers wanted

    A pre-release version of v4.6.0 is available in the Pre Release section of http://www.lettronics.com/default.asp?page=lredownloads

    As this is a prerelease version, we recommend making a copy of your existing database, and not using in a live environment until you have tested it meets your needs.

    It is not possible to convert a v4.6 database back to a v4.0 one.

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